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The De Giosa law firm is specialized in maritime law because of its strategic position and the natural shape of Brindisi's harbour,  that now represents a natural bridge towards the new European coast markets.

 In addition to possible trial defence, the activities of the firm in the area include the analysis of contracts of freight, time o voyage charterparty, sea rescue, accidents and damage to ships, employment contracts for the crew on board, registration or cancellation from the register of ships, relations with the P&I club.

In this field, the De Giosa law firm is the point of reference for every shipping agency in Brindisi and for many Greek and maltese shipping companies. Furthermore the firm offers assistance in collecting the necessary documents in order to set up shipping companies and to record them in the register of ships.

Regarding harbour logistics, the firm takes care of bureaucratic procedures for concession of the docks and terminal with the harbour companies. Regarding the shipping area, in addition to the deed of sale of ships, yachts and pleasure boats, the firm works to register ommercial yachts identifying the registers with more favourable tax regulations.

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